Hi. I'm Daniel Green.

I'm a programmer and artist with a penchant for all things science. I make awesome tools, libraries, and graphics stuff.

About Me

I'm a hardworking and motivated programmer and artist with a penchant for all things science. My interests are primarily in computer graphics and pipeline development. I have excellent communication skills, both written and spoken. I love to teach and live to learn.


For networking purposes, you can visit my LinkedIn page. If it's code you're after, try my GitHub or BitBucket pages. I also sometimes Tweet.


I have a keen interest in programming languages, and have used a wide variety of software. Below you can find my core skillset that I consider most importantly related to my field.

OpenGL & DirectX 10/11
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk 3DS Max


I have worked in various disciplines with experience in multiple countries. I have gained significant insight in how to manage large groups, as well as prepare work, and speak publicly, while being a teacher. Working in both Japan and China has exposed me to different cultures both in terms of daily living as well as work environments. I have worked to deadlines in video games and developed new algorithms as a researcher.


I have varied my education to provide the best possible overall coverage of areas that are of interest to me. Formal education in both the arts and sciences has allowed me to build my skills in multiple disciplines. The education pathway I have chosen results in a strong technical background with a solid and practical understanding of numerous aspects of the arts.


My portfolio aims to showcase a wide variety of skills. It displays my flexibility to work in multiple areas.


atom is an API allowing for networked streaming of Autodesk Maya scenes.

Kana Swap

Kana Swap is a gamified application to help with learning Japanese kana and stroke order.


Hadan is a multi-purpose fracture tool for Maya. It is currently being developed. Please follow my social networks for updates.


Ciri is an abstracted personal framework that is being perpetually developed over time. For more information, please see the details.

Technical Art Showreel 2015 AUG-DEC

A showreel of work developed at University during the first semester of my visual effects Masters degree. The reel showcases a Hatsune Miku rig, vehicle modeling, Maya tools, nuketools, and a 2D/3D hybrid NUKE composition.


A collection of various open-source tools for The Foundry's NUKE. See the details for examples.


An easy-to-use templated C++ mathematics library designed for use with OpenGL.

Multi-Resolution Cloth Simulation

Multi-resolution hierarchical cloth simulation that defers complex computations to simplified meshes.

Regex Replacer

Perform simple or complex renaming operations in Maya using regular expressions.

Cage Edit

Baking cage generation and management for Maya.

AnimCurve Toolbox

Management of AnimCurve nodes in Maya.

Maya VP2 Renderer

Implementation of a custom deferred rendering engine into Maya's Viewport 2.0 for real-time visualization of an external renderer directly within Maya. Developed with the idea of previewing a game model's final quality directly within Maya's viewport rather than having to go through a tedious exporting process each time a change is made.

Flash 3D Water Simulation

3D water simulation with an over-the-top shader written entirely in Flash using ActionScript3.


Allows (most) windowed applications to become fullscreen windowed (that is, fullscreen size in windowed mode, but without a border), with extra goodies, such as a toggle mode and hotkey support.

Real-Time Translucency

University project exploring real-time translucency in a fully interactive scene.

3D Shooter

University project demonstrating a simple but complete 3D target shooting game made in C# using XNA.

Physics Simulation

University project implementing a basic rigid body physics engine from scratch using C# for use in Unity.