Tech Art Showreel 2015 AUG-DEC

This showreel demonstrates work developed at University from August to December of 2015. All elements were approached from a technical perspective. More information about each component can be found in my 2D and 3D reports.

Hatsune Miku Rig

A detailed rig of Hatsune Miku is displayed showcasing the various features as well as a facial rig. This was my first proper character rig.

M35 Mako

Vehicle modeling has never been a strong point, so I recreated the Mass Effect M35 Mako.


Renaming in Maya is quite basic. MaximumReplacer showcases a tool that uses regular expressions to perform simple or complex renaming operations. MaximumReplacer has its own project page.


nuketools is a collection of various plug-ins and scripts for The Foundry's NUKE. More information can be found on nuketools' page.

Space Scene

This is my very first attempt at a 2D/3D hybrid composition. It was developed using The Foundry's NUKE. It was originally inspired by Mass Effect's opening sequence, but quickly deviated into my own formula.